Sunday, April 6, 2008

Walter Paul Bebirian creates first ever Gallery containing 'The Money Series"

After one year and three months of working diligently Walter Paul Bebirian (that’s me) has,after giving careful consideration to and establishing for himself that theres finally a secure and suitable on-line environment to establish the first ever website Gallery containing "The Money Series 1" images.

Walter Paul Bebirian has chosen as his on-line gallery partner. This step is made in part by Walter Paul Bebirian in order to express both confidence in the Imagekind Systems superior advantages over any other imitations and attempts at presenting art in a totally unique way that is or might attempt to do the same on the Internet. From an artists point of view, Imagekind has become the clear leader in the on-line art space through its focus on superior quality, functionality and innovation. The entire system far surpasses what Walter had envisioned any company could ever do! Visitors from all parts of the world are welcome to view these images 24 hours per day 365 days per year and to leave any comments that they may feel appropriate to enhance the importance of this exhibit while taking part in their own way in this historic event!

Purchase inquiries of any prints of the images in this Series in this particular gallery must be directed to the staff and Imagkind reachable by phone at 1 - 888 - 264 - 1446 while art/greeting cards may be purchased directly through the Imagekind check-out system. Any additional inquiries may be directed to the artist through the mail system provided at Imagekind for visitors to communicated with the artist directly. We hope you enjoy your visit!

***Please note - since the relase of the above news - the galleries at

have been reorganized and the current locations are different than first stated so the individual inages in the Money Series #1 can be accessed in these new galleries through links that are placed here:

Money Series #1

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